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Download Classic Interlude Client:
1. Download and install Classic Interlude Client.
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Download ESL2 Athena Patch:
2. Download and extract ESL2 patch to your lineage 2 client location.
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1) Download and copy L2Athena Patch to your Lineage 2 Main folder (C:/Program Files/Lineage II).
2) Extract L2Athena Patch and replace all files needed.
3) When finish, open l2 shortcut from system and join L2 Eternal Sin!
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Athena x45
22 October, 2023

Dear Eternal Sin players!

Official Grand Opening 27 October 19:00 GMT +2!

Are you Ready?! Join with your team and be ready for the biggest fights ever!.

Vote for us in HopZone.Eu

Best Regards:

ZOUMHS / https://esl2.org/

Vote for Us and help us grow!
January 8, 2023

Dear Eternal Sin players,

Vote for us!

Thanks for our understang.

Best Regards:

ZOUMHS / https://esl2.org

Vote for L2Valkyrie in L2Top.CO

New Lineage 2 private servers Top L2JBrasil  de Servidores de   Lineage2 L2 Servers - Vote
August 22, 2023

Dear Eternal Sin players,

Welcome to our server!

If you have any reports post here: https://esl2.org/athena/forums/index.php?board=7.0

thanks for our understang.

Best Regards:

ZOUMHS / https://esl2.org/

Donate - пожертвование
Lineage II Eternal Sin Donate List:
Dear ES-L2 players,

We have to inform you we have open our donate system to keep our server alive.
Information Contact: zoumhs@hotmail.com / Skype: zoumhs999
========== ES-L2 Donate List: ==========
========== Updated 23/10/2023 ==========
AIO Buffer: 50 USD/EUR.
Kamael Race on class Human,Elf,Dark elf.: 20 USD/EUR.
Ertheia Race on class, dwarf.: 20 USD/EUR.
========== Updated 23/10/2023 ==========
========== ES-L2 Donate List: ==========

Thanks for your support.
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