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Server Rules
« on: July 25, 2017, 11:28:25 PM »
- Chat Rules
Spamming is not allowed. You will be chat banned if you spam on global/hero/trade chat channels.
Spreading lies for L2Athena on chat is not allowed. You might end up banned for this.
Making offensive comments about L2Athena is not allowed. You can express your opinion with a kind way, otherwise you will be chat banned.
Hero Voice is an international channel, which means you have to speak english. Posting non-english messages in a short period of time is not allowed.

- Game Rules
Botting is not allowed as well as any 3rd party program (l2phx, l2tower, l2net etc.) NOTE: Any form of botting is not allowed, generally while farming you should be present at all times.
Anti-bot system protection works perfectly. Trying to bypass it, is also a bannable offense.
We are not corrupted, which means that no player has free items from us. Claiming the opposite is not allowed.
You should always keep your password safe. We are not responsible if your account stolen and we will take no action for it.
Pretending the GM/Admin is not allowed and will cause you permantly ban.
In order to contact with a GM/Admin use: /gm. We do not reply to PMs and we might ignore any other attempt of communication.
Petition subjects like: "GM help", "asdawaea", "Error" etc. will be ignored. If you need help, try to be specific and detailed.
Asking things which have already been answered or announced will be ignored.
Selling items in game for real money is not allowed. Your character will be banned forever.
Advertising other servers or any other game is not allowed. Your character will be banned forever.
Using a bot to feed your main character in olympiad, is not allowed.


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